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These are the services we can provide.



We don't tell you how long it will take to clean your house, you tell us. We charge you an hourly rate and complete what we can in that time. We take full details from new customers including all your preferences on how you want it done, which rooms on which days etc. You tell us how often you want us to visit, minimum of one and a half hours but can be as long as you wish. Over 65 discount rate still applies.


Need someone to do your ironing? Let Homehelpers take it off your hands.

Want to go shopping but dont like to ask family or friends, need someone to lean on or take your frame or wheel chair with you?  Our staff can take you out for an hour or even for lunch round the Trafford Centre.  You can go in our staff car (we have all the insurances), or we can get a taxi with you. No problem.  If, however, like me, you dislike shopping, let us do it for you. For an hourly fee, we will collect your list each visit, shop at your requested shops, we will also put the shopping away for you, how easy is that!


Need someone to sit with a relative while you go out? Need someone to feed the cat while your away? Fancy a walk out round the local park or just want some company, give us a ring, we are flexible with times, days, nights etc (no personal care can be provided and prices may vary dependent on job).


We can also provide a Practical Helper. This can be a one off visit from one of our staff to assist you with those little things your not able to do for yourself for example you may need some filing doing or you would like to sort out your cupboards, you might want to go and do your own shopping but need someone to lean on and support you. You might want some help putting up that Christmas Tree or wrapping those present for the Grandchildren.  (See our shopping services for buying those presents). We make it our business to support customers and if this means having that special shopping trip out, we will provide you with that support and at our discounted rate. We also sell vouchers for Christmas shopping trips, mothers day, birthdays for that special someone as a treat.e also offer a friendly practical helper, need help with putting things away or would you like a hand with a one off sorting job, ring Homehelpers.






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